Who We Are

At Chapin Baptist Church, our student ministry is called RUSH. At RUSH we are about...


Reaching- We seek to reach the lost community in Chapin and beyond with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 


Unifying- We unify together as a community of student believers who seek to understand the Gospel through the reading and expositional preaching of God's Word. 


Serving- We strive to serve our local church, community and the world so we may be faithful to God and love others. 


Holiness- We desire to grow in our faith by studying God's Word and seeking accountability through the local church. 

Where We Gather

We gather in the Pointe located in the Family Ministries building on the back side of campus.


Join us Sunday Mornings at 9:45am in the Pointe for an in-depth study and review through the book of Matthew. Our study encourages us to observe, interpret, and apply the bible. We also have time for hangout and talking through spiritual disciplines and current issues. 

RUSH Worship

After Sunday Morning worship with the church body, we meet on Sunday evenings for Student Worship. The doors open at 5:30pm and worship begins at 6:00pm. We gather together to worship Jesus through biblical and gospel centered songs, preaching, prayer and discussion for students. Adult leaders are present to help serve and connect with other students. 


Upcoming/Current Series beginning August 23, 2020:


7th-11th grade gather for a time of Bible study, discussion, prayer and fellowship with one another. These gatherings are called Grow Groups and are arranged by grade. Grow Groups currently meet on Wednesday Nights at 6:45pm on our church campus.


12th graders meet together twice a month on Sunday evenings at 5pm (1st and 3rd Sundays). We are currently walking through "Living by The Book" by Howard Hendricks and how to prepare for college/career.  For location contact Kyle Huntsinger at kyle@chapinbaptist.com.  


Questions? Contact Us!

Kyle Huntsinger

Student Pastor 

Phone: 803-345-477

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